Wine Tasting In NYC

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented fruits but the most common fruit used is grapes. The chemical balance of grapes lets them ferment without the addition of other nutrients Different varieties of grapes produce different style of wine with the help of yeast.

Wine tasting is the process of examining and evaluating the wine. This practice is as ancient as its production. Through constant evolution, modern professional wine tasters describe the general characteristics of a wine. With this examination, a wine’s overall quality assessment follows careful description and comparison with recognized standards.

Wine tasting is a common activity in New York City. Some consider wine tasting as a way of life. With the help of this article, you would discover several wine tasting classes inside New York City. Tour around several famous wine industry and learn from professionals how to asses a quality of a wine.

First on the list is the West Village Wine Tour. Enjoy six wine varietals while having a tour around West Village. You also get to visit locations such as Cantina Corsino and many more. This one hour tour would not just let you taste but also chocolates, cakes and fondue as you make a stop at Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar.

Another famous wine tasting tour is the Wines: California vs. France. During this two hour tour, you would learn the basics of varying types of wine. As you taste samples of wines from both areas, you could then distinguish which wine region is your favorite.

If you prefer sipping wine while creating your own painting, then One Night Painting and Wine Party should suit you. Learning the fundamentals of painting such as color mixing brushwork and many more while relaxing and sipping some of New York’s finest wine. This two hour and 30 minute activity would unleash your inner artist with the help of a talented artist and illustrator.

You could also try Pizza Making and group wine tasting NYC. You would be creating your very own pizza with any toppings you love. The instructor would be guiding you on how to cook your own made pizza and you get to enjoy a refreshing wine with your friends. After this fun activity, you would surely crave for more.

If you want to discover your very own personal wine preferences, then join Wine 101: Discovering Your Palate. With the help of this two hour class, you will learn all about the aroma, taste and appearances of various wines. You also get to learn about food pairing concepts and techniques so that next time you go to a restaurant, you would be more comfortable ordering a bottle of wine that suits your taste buds.

Unlike Wine 101, Snack Food and Wine Pairing teaches you to pair chips with your wine. During this two hour class, you would learn the basic rules for pairing wine with your favorite snacks. Satisfy both your tongue and stomach as you sip that refreshing wine while munching on that crunchy snack.

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