Social Media as an Advertising Tool

Today social media sites enjoy the most visitors to the internet and they continue to become increasingly popular. There are very few people in this modern age that do not have social media accounts and almost everybody has at least heard of social media. This means that if a business wants to be seen on the internet, probably the best place for it to get seen is on at least one of these social media sites. Unfortunately though most people go to the sites to be social and not to do business and so may rarely join any business site on their social media. However, as they are social, they will probably have many friends on the site and those friends in turn will have many friends as well and so if a business can get its brand onto one of those sites, the brand will be shared with that person’s friends and their friends as well, making the brand become very visible. Today there are employee advocacy programs which afford the business’s brand to be placed on an employee’s social media site. There are different programs available today but basically they allow an employer to dictate which brands are displayed on the employee’s social media site to be shared among their friends and monitor the progress of the brand on that site. The employee in turn benefits as they are promoting the business they work for and therefore may even receive incentives for doing so or rewards for sharing greatly among many different people or friends. By an employer and an employee working together in this way may also help employer/employee relationships and a better moral throughout the business. Social media sites have perhaps become the best target for advertising today as many people will spend hours per day on one or other of them and although they may not remember all the brand names they may have seen over the past few days, if a need arises for something they have seen a brand for, they will quickly recollect it. Of course though getting your business noticed on the web is just the first step in a marketing program as although enough people may be encouraged to go to the business’s website, not all of them may become customers. To ensure that as many visitors to a website as possible do become customers, a business must ensure that their website is of high quality and interesting. Having been guided to a website, a visitor may quickly leave it if it is of poor quality and difficult to either read or navigate through, meaning a potential customer has been lost. A high quality website should prevent this from happening and if the content on that website is changed or updated regularly, many visitors may often return to the site becoming repeat customers which is even better than attracting one off customers. Although advertising strategies may change, all the best ones today must include some element of social media sites.